Casa Colombo

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The basic ideas behind Casa Colombo will be familiar to travellers who are keen on stylish city-breaks to Europe. Putting aside any Continental differences, you could be forgiven for thinking you had walked into a restored Florentine palazzo.

The essential ingredients in the recipe for architectural reincarnation are by now quite recognisable. Take an old house or mansion, once opulent but now quite likely crumbling into the background. Renovate with an impetuously modern touch whilst gazing respectfully at the past, celebrate the history of the building with renewed vigour – and plumbing that works! The 12 suites at Casa Colombo vary between the frankly dazzling and outright brash. Huge, well specced (though you do have to upgrade to have a bath instead of a shower), the downsides are that you don’t get much of a view, whilst the pluspoints are that you will feel like a rock-star for a couple of days. Great restaurant, lovely pool, friendly staff, it’s wonderful fun and it works.

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